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Cosmic Assembly Near-IR Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey

Mission HST  Wavelength Ultraviolet, Near IR, Optical

CANDELS documents the first third of galactic evolution from z = 8 to 1.5 via deep imaging of more than 250,000 galaxies with WFC3/IR and ACS. It will also discover and characterize Type Ia SNe beyond z > 1.5 and establish their accuracy as standard candles for cosmology.

Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey Project

Mission  HST  Wavelength Optical

GOODS unites extremely deep observations from NASA's Great Observatories and ESA's XMM-Newton and the most powerful ground-based facilities, to survey the distant universe to the faintest flux limits accross the broadest range of wavelengths.


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Mission  HST, Subaru, La Silla, CFHT, Gemini, Keck  Wavelength Optical

A new initiative of six deep fields centered on strong lensing galaxy clusters drawn from Abell et al. (1989) and the MACS survey (Ebeling et al. 2001), in parallel with six deep “blank fields” adjacent to these clusters.


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Mission HST    Wavelength Near IR, Optical

3D-HST is a near-infrared spectroscopic survey with the Hubble Space Telescope designed to study the physical processes that shape galaxies in the distant Universe.